Privacy Policy


The Google Lawsuit web site collects no personal information about its visitors (you) and as such we are unable to share any information with any third parties.

Cookies (Non-Authenticated Users)

You may discover that whilst interacting with the this web site, a cookie called has_js is set in your web browser. European Directives (ePrivacy Directive Art 5(3)) which are transposed into the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations in the UK and enforced by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) - require that consent for certain types of cookies must be sought before using them. In the case of our cookie, it is only used to allow a us to determine whether or not your browser allows javascript to determine how to display the web site to you, no consent is required as this type of cookie is regarded as essential for the functioning of the web site.

We do not use any other cookies for non-authenticated users (such as analytic cookies - first or third party) but if you discover any other cookies from this site, please get in touch via our Contact page.


Our web server logs certain information about visits to this web site. These logs allow us to manage our resources more efficiently and are limited to the time and date you visited the site and which page you requested to view. We do not log IP addresses and as such there is no way we can identify you on future visits or track your activity over time.


There are two types of email you can send via this web site:

  1. Web Site Feedback - You can send us an email via the Web Site Feedback form, which asks you to provide your name and email so we are able to reply to your questions. All emails received by this form are deleted after 7 days of inactivity and no data is retained or used for any other purpose than dealing with your enquiry. Please note this contact form temporarily stores your IP address in our database so we can block spambots - however, as soon as your email has been read and confirmed as not being spam, this data is purged from our database.
  2. Join the Group Action - You can send an email directly to Olswang with regards to joining the Group Action via a button on the "Join the Group Action" page. This button will automatically open your own email client and any email you send to Olswang as a result, does not go through this server, but goes directly between your PC and Olswang. For information on Olswang LLP's Privacy and Information Security Policy please contact Olswang via their website.

Third Party Content

The Google Lawsuit web site makes use of a Twitter Widget in order to show what people are talking about on Twitter with regards to the Google Safari breach lawsuit. This widget caches the Tweets on the server before adding them to the web page so at no point should your browser ever need to connect to Twitter's web site, which prevents Twitter from being able to track you on our site, furthermore this prevents Twitter from setting any cookies via our site.

If you have any further questions about this privacy policy please feel free to send us a message via our Contact page.