Google is sued by dozens of customers after 'snooping on 10million iPads and mobiles'

Google is being sued by dozens of customers in Britain who claim it secretly monitored their computers and phones.

More than 100 Apple product users are seeking compensation in a lawsuit over claims the internet giant tampered with security software in order to access their personal information.

Some claimants said they felt as if they were being ‘stalked’ after they were bombarded by phone calls and emails advertising clothes, magazines and bank loans connected to the websites they had visited on their iPhones, iPads and laptops.

Campaigners say up to ten million people may have fallen victim – and believe the lawsuit against the search engine could become one of the biggest in British legal history.

One claimant, Marc Bradshaw, said he checked instructions on Google’s website to stop it collecting data from his iPhone... Go to Mail Online to read the entire article