Google facing legal battle in the UK over Safari cookies

Today is Data Protection Day in Europe (Data Privacy Day in the US/Canada). It also marks the launch of a new Facebook page, ‘Safari Users Against Google's Secret Tracking.’

“This group,” says the Facebook page, “has been set up to provide information for anyone who used the Safari internet browser between September 2011 and February 2012, and who was illegally tracked by Google.” It follows news that London law firm Olswang is co-ordinating action against the search giant. Privacy campaigner Judith Vidal-Hall is one of two users leading the campaign, and on whose behalf a ‘letter before action’ has already been sent to Google. The Guardian reports, “Another 10 are preparing to launch proceedings, and plans are afoot for a group to form an umbrella privacy action.” It is thought that as many as 10 million Brits could have been affected... Go to InfoSecurity to read the entire article