Google facing legal battle from British internet users who complain firm has breached their privacy

Google is facing a legal battle from iPhone users in the UK who claim their online browsing habits were secretly tracked by the internet giant.

The landmark case could pave the way for up to 10 million Britons to sue Google for alleged privacy breaches.

A group of 12 people, all of whom use Apple devices, including the popular iPhone, are seeking damages in a case thought to be the first of its kind in the UK.

Cookies are used by advertisers, and owners of other websites, to target advertising based on an individual's internet use.

One example given by law firm Olswang - which is bringing the case - is that a person carrying out an internet search for an engagement ring could find that their partner, when using the same device, later encounters adverts for rings when browsing online... Go to Mail Online to read the entire article