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Google's Appeal adjourned - ICO to be called for oral evidence.

Today saw the commencement of Google's appeal against the High Court's decision to allow UK citizens to issue a lawsuit against Google in the UK. The panel consisted of the Master of the Rolls (Lord Dyson), Lord Justice McFarlane and Lady Justice Sharp

Google's jurisdictional challenge against Safari Lawsuit fails

In what can only be described as a comprehensive victory for Internet users in England and Wales, the High Court today made a judgment in favour of Claimants petition to initiate legal proceedings against Google Inc. in England.

Google Respond to UK Lawsuit.

I have just received a press release from the Olswang team running the lawsuit against Google Inc.

The interesting thing about the response is just two days ago I predicted it to one of Olswang's Senior Associates via email where I asked:

The case against Google - Court Documents

High Court of Justice - Queen's Bench Division. Claimants (redacted) vs Google Inc. - Claim Number: HQ13X03128

Olswang LLC recently sought permission from the High Court in the UK to serve their claim on Google Inc. in California. This is an important step in the process as under English civil procedure rules you can’t serve on a defendant outside of the jurisdiction without the permission of the court - which means the High Court has looked at the case and seems to deem it significant enough to grant permission to serve.

UK concerned about privacy with Google Glass

In a recent survey of around 4,000 UK residents carried out by Goldsmiths at the University of London, 20% of participants said that Google Glass should be banned and a further 61% believed that Google Glass and other wearable cameras should be subject to regulation, reported TechCrunch last week.

Write to your Member of Parliament.

Write to your local Member of Parliament and ask them to find out why the Information Commissioner's Office has not taken any action against Google for their exploit of Safari's browser cookies and breach of Safari users' privacy.

Privacy, Twitter, Web Fonts & jQuery


We take our visitors privacy very seriously and we explain our data policies on our Privacy page with complete transparency. We urge our visitors to read this Privacy Policy and to contact us if they have any questions or difficulty in understanding it. We have done our best to use plain language and to keep it as short as possible, but we accept that maybe the way we read things is different to how others may. So please use our Contact page and send us your feedback.

Web site up and running

So we launched the web site yesterday and as expected we had a few teething problems, but we seem to have overcome them now. Over the coming days there will be some changes made to the site such as:

  1. More Content
  2. Expansion of existing pages
  3. Forum Activation
  4. Addition of information to Privacy Policy regarding Forums
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