The Google Lawsuit web site was launched in order to provide an information portal to the general public and other interested parties with regards to the UK lawsuit filed by Olswang LLP on behalf of claimants regarding Google's circumvention of Apple's Safari web browser privacy settings.

The site was developed and is managed by Alexander Hanff (Think Privacy), a globally respected privacy advocate. Alexander was aware that a Facebook Group had been set up to provide information regarding the case but wanted to provide an alternative source of information for people who do not use Facebook.

As such Alexander decided to launch Google Lawsuit as an independent platform where news updates can be posted and discussion can take place, in a privacy friendly manner. As with all Alexander's web sites, no information other than that needed for the functioning of the web site and its features is collected or stored about its visitors. Users do not have to be concerned about tracking cookies or other behavioural technologies and Authenticated Users can engage in discussion on our forums with only the absolute minimum of data required for registration for the purpose of authentication and navigation. For more information about our privacy practises please visit our Privacy page.

A more detailed profile of Think Privacy will be posted on this page in the next couple of days. Our current priority is to launch the site as soon as possible and then add more content over the coming weeks.